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We provide opportunities for our clients to make real connections with the local people, learning about their cultures and the environment in which they live while the local people benefit economically from the presence of tourists on their lands.

Trek East Africa Safaris

About who we are

We take this opportunity to introduce our Company Trek East Africa Safaris, to you. Trek East Africa is a dedicated Company providing a genuine and fulfilling African holiday experience to its customers.

Our guides and crews are all skilled in displaying the rich natural and cultural diversity of East Africa (Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda & Burundi) in a way that makes minimal impact on the environment. What you and other clients had only seen on television can be brought vividly to life.

Our product knowledge has not come solely from travel but also from living, working and studying in these wonderful destinations for many years. We enjoy excellent relationship with the local people who take pride in displaying their cultures and local landscapes.

At Trek East Africa, we don’t consider ourselves a typical travel company. We are an ethical tourism operator that provides opportunities for the local people to benefit from their natural and cultural resources. Our holistic approach to travel is reflected in the way we plan our itineraries.

Although we need to be a profitable business, our emphasis is not on profits alone but on people and the environment. We specialize in small group travel but also work with individuals. We know from many years of traveling that small group travel imparts a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. We have already received excellent feedback about our services from both our new overseas partners and individual visitors.

Trek East Africa

Why you should choose us

The guides

We have a team of experienced, knowledgeable & friendly safari guides. They are all fluent in English, know the safari parks very well, are safe drivers and will do their best to give you an unforgettable experience while on safari in Africa.

Tailor-made safaris

Feel free to contact us with your ideas for your dream African safari and we will help you outline an itinerary. We have detailed safari itineraries that can be used as a base if you take a look around the site and tailor-made to suit your wishes.

For all budgets

We can offer you a safari to fit your wallet whether it is  budget, mid-range or luxury travel. We adapt activities and accommodation to match the level you wish for.

Trek East Africa

Dont Miss our offers

We would highly appreciate the opportunity for you to be our point person and world over as a ground handler for some or all of your travel operations in Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda and Burundi.

Kindly visit our website for details on some of our exciting and purposeful adventures in East Africa. These are by no means our only products. We also offer you a limitless choice of African Adventures by giving you the opportunity to assemble / tailor your own safari itinerary.